Saturday, October 29, 2005

This morning I had a chance to sort out Nat's router (WBR-3407A) problem which I'd promised him since last week. At his place, ADSL connection kept dropping every 10 seconds. However, when I plugged it in at my house last night, it's working just fine. It might be because of telephone line.

After searching this webboard, I finally found out some people who were having the exact same problem with True and this specific model combination got a new firmware upgrade and it finally solved their problems. After asking around for a while if anyone could send the firmware image to me, someone finally respond and sent me the image.

The upgrade took only about 2-3 minutes. After the upgrade the router looked normal to me but in order to find out if it really solved the problem I had to bring it to Nat's apartment and plugged it in its real environment. Fortunately, the ADSL connection was alive for at least 10 minutes I monitored. Yeah! Job done.

Also took a chance to upgrade my DG834G router too. Noticed ADSL throughput went a bit higher. Good.

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