Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I've been away for a while. Well, lots of books to study to prepare for simulation class, also have to work on technical dry-runs. Now I look like an insane person who's walking around talking to myself or even point my fingers in the air and act like adjusting something.

I took first simulator session on Sunday. Simulator is basically a cockpit covered by a large box. It's used for training cause it's cheaper and safer than training on the real one. There are 10 sessions for beginners. Each session lasts 6 hours: 2 hours briefing and 4 hours in the sim.

I've never thought it'd be so real! Everything in the cockpit works like the real one and the response is very realistic; like when you're turning, climbing, or landing. Imagine what you feel when you're in a 3D theatre (with some movements).

Have to go, 2nd sim session in the afternoon.

Airlines rating for 2005: Cathay Pacific Airways named as World's Best Airline 2005

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Modyada said...

Enjoy the sim na ka