Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bye bye Gisteq, Hello Holux

As mentioned in my earlier entry about logger device. I'd enjoyed using it for a while but unfortunately I'd lost it in Dubai. -_- Well, I turned it on while sitting in a cab and thought it might get better satellite reception if put in the back of the seat, near the windshield. Then when I got to the place I just jumped off, leaving the tracker behind...

It's a Gisteq Phototrackr unit. It's based on Nemerix chipset and supports 16 channels tracking. My experience with it was good. Almost all the time it's got accurate position. Supplied program, Phototrackr, did a great job downloading data and geocoding photos. It also associated photos to Google Map, letting you see exactly where they were taken.

To be able to continue tracking my photos, I've bought another tracker, this time it's Holux M-241, and it just arrived today.

This M-241 has got a MTK chipset which supports 32 channels tracking. It has a display on it which can show its status, position, etc, and can be used to edit its settings. And it's 30 bucks cheaper than my previous Gisteq. However, it doesn't have extensive software support like the Phototrackr. From my research through the net, there are a few people using it and someone's already posted an alternate solution, so I thought it'd be ok to get it.

Will give it a test run for a few days. More on this later.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Genius Pianist

Ref: Star King #8 - Five Year Old Blind Genius Pianist (en) on YouTube.

She is amazing!! Blind since she's born. At the age of 3 she heard her mother sing and can play the song right away.

See her 2nd appearance in the show here.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hello D300

I've just got a new digital SLR camera--the Nikon D300. Took me a long time to finally make the decision (I was about to buy a DSLR when D200 was out to the market, that's a few years now).

After playing with it for a while, I'm getting used to its functions and controls. Quite different from my previous F90x which was bought about 13 years ago back in 1995. It's a nice camera, with good quality images comparing to affordable price.

See some pictures at my flickr page or click picture below.

BMW on the road
BMW on the road
Originally uploaded by bitslice.