Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lost My Wallet

Last Saturday I had to go to Chiangmai to attend my girlfriend's best friend's wedding. We're booked for the earliest 6.30am flight.

I got up at 4.30am and on the way to the airport I stopped at 7-eleven at a PTT gas station to grab a cup of coffee and to get some cash from the ATM nearby.

Everything went fine until the plane had landed at Chiangmai Airport when I reached for my wallet to pay for the car rent and... it wasn't there!

The following hour was spent trying to locate the wallet in every bags, figuring out whether I'd left it in my car in Bangkok and finally calling banks to suspend the credit cards (some were kind enough to let me suspend temporarily).

After a while I managed to get over it and went on with the trip.


Later that day my girlfriend's sister was kind enough to drop by the gas station just in case someone had found it.

Guess what? It was there! A 7-eleven cashier found it!!

You might wonder why I'm so excited but in Bangkok when you lose your wallet or another valuable things you rarely get them back.

Now I'm thinking what I should do to show my appreciation to the girl.