Saturday, October 02, 2004

Yesterday was very busy for me. Got to fly in the morning. Drove back to Bangkok, had my car checked for a little problem concerning idle rpm, then went to a temple (วัดพระศรีฯ) to attend a mourning ceremony of Boat's mother-in-law. After that we went out for dinner at a place called Booze Up located somewhere near Ramindra expressway. Got home at around midnight. More than 5 hours spent driving the car was killing me. Really tired plus caught a cold from the rain.

Talked to P'Ning (a lovely senior colleague at NCR, my previous company) the day before and she just told me she got married in August! And she's already about 4 months pregnented. Wow, way to go, sis! Wish you all the best.

To-do today: clean up the car & print car parking sticker.

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Nok said...

I saw you post the entry about Nissan Tiana so I come here but it's gone :p
Anyway, just want to drop you a line.
Peace out,