Sunday, October 31, 2004

Talked to the service center's manager about my car. He admitted it's shaking and I'd have to leave the car there for the whole week... What? I won't have car for a week, again? Fine. But make sure it's finished by next week!

Last night was Haloween night (or it's Oct 31?). Anyway, there are parties everywhere. At first, I thought I wouldn't hang out cause I got a flu and those sneezing, nose running and stuff were killing me. I had some medicine and some sleep in the evening and after woken up at 9pm I felt better. Plus I needed to leave my baggage in P'Boat's car (back to Hua Hin). So I went out with Luktan. P'Boat was so kind as he said he'd pick me up today. Nice.

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