Sunday, October 03, 2004 Article

my response:
Well I've been an owner of Nissan Teana for only two weeks and my odometer reads about 1700km. Had the car checked in at 1000km and it seemed okay. My experience driving this Teana involved driving in the big city and 2 round trips from Bangkok to Hua Hin.

About the exterior, almost everything is ok to me except the lower part of the body which is too low in my opinion as I managed to scratch the ground 2 times already. -_- However, this might happen because I got used to driving a higher, and shorter front-back wheels range, cars.

The JM, a higher series of Teana, which comes with Xenon headlights, should also come with white dim lights to make them blend in. Also, wheels in Australian version of the car look more beautiful.

There is nothing much to talk about interior. The intelligent key system is cool, however I feel a need of automatic engine shutdown and door lock when you got out of the car with the key, left the ignition switch on, and away for, say, 5 minutes. No, I didn't experience this myself, it's just an opinion. ^^

The steering wheel buttons are not neccessary to me. The audio control buttons are perfectly laid out and they don't take much effort of using the panel. Cruise control, as also mentioned by many fellows, is not neccessary for me either. Sound quality is ok, but should be better. Business card holder is useless, should be replaced with coin holder. I myself keep coins in the ashtray.

Driving Teana is so comfortable and secure. I managed to get a maximum speed of 190km/h and all I got was only a little bit of shaking. Fuel consumption rate, to me, is acceptable. The best I got was 8.4l/100km or approximately 12km/1 litre. I've only tried octane-91 fuel. Next tank will be filled with octane-95 to compare the consumption rate with octane-91.

Overall: nice car when compare price/performance with others at same level.

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