Sunday, August 15, 2004

Long Drive

Yeah I'm back. The island was nice, everything looked almost the same as before. Last time I went there was about a year ago. But driving Bangkok-Rayong trip was not so fun. This week I drove almost 1000km in total. (Hua Hin-Bangkok-Rayong) Exhaustive, huh.

Plus there's something wrong with my digital camera. It just decided not to re-charge the battery. Hope it has something to do with the battery, not the camera. I know it's 2+ years already but now is not a good time to buy a new battery cause I just can't afford it. During my study here my allowance is .. well, not very much. Anyway, luckily I also brought with me a camera that uses film so at least I've got some pics to post here.

I wish I have flight this week. Sa-tu.

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