Monday, August 30, 2004

Catching up

Been away for a few days. Nothing much to catch up last weekend.

Aug 26:
Having done terrible mistake in the morning, I felt down all day. What happened must be because I was over-confident about myself, and bad decision making. This has to be changed. At the end of the day I tried to cheer myself up. I went out to the beach with my friends for a small party. It was nice. At least I got to relax a bit. It is because I am surrounded by good friends. They always cheered me up. On the following day there was a flight scheduled for me in the early morning. Must concentrate on that.

Aug 27:
It took me a while to gather enough courage to face my instructor. Surprisingly, my instructor decided to send me to fly solo (alone) again. I was a bit confused as I wasn't sure what he had in mind. Maybe he trusted me so much that he decided to let me go for a second chance. Or maybe he hated me so much that he just wouldn't care if anything wrong happened again. Must concentrate on flying...

It all went well, however. It was not a perfect flight but not a terrible flight. Felt a little bit better. Back to Bangkok in blue.

In the evening there was a meeting with my high school classmates. 8 people were there. Quite a long while after last seen. We talked about everything, from what we do now to what we did when we were in school. It's funny when we recall those memories. Sounds like we are old, huh! Of course not! We are just in the late-teenager period. LOL

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