Wednesday, August 18, 2004

First Flight

Finally, I had a flight yesterday. After having waited for more than 2 weeks. (Actually 18 days which is current class record!) It was my first flight with my new instructor, or kru in Thai.

Thai language has 2 regularly used words that mean teacher or instructor--ajarn and kru. Someone once told me that these 2 words are different in that kru is used when more closed relationship between teacher and his/her students exists, and more than knowledge is offered to students, like teachers in kindergarten/pre-primary school. This also applies to teachers in aviation schools because their lives and their students' lives kinda bond together--if, like, a plane crashes, it is more likely that both of them won't make it. The word ajarn is used in general teacher meaning, like a university teacher.

Back to the flight, it was a disaster though. I took off at noon and the wind was quite strong. I had to land with 8-10 knots crosswind which I couldn't do it. Very disappointed in myself. Hope I'll do better next time. More dry-runs needed.

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