Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Leo is back

Last night we were drinking some Leo beers. It's a local beer. Same brewer as the popular Singha's but the price is less expensive. It reminds me of the time when I was in the university, when I was young. We always drink Leo, Chang, and Singha beer, of course because of their low prices. We also ended up having terrible hang-overs the day after. (Thai beers are strong!) But it was so much fun though.

There was no plane to fly today as usual. After having spent a few hours pointlessly browsing the net, I found a link to eBay (the infamous on-line bidding site) showing bids on gmail.com account invitations. (If you've no idea what it means, you may skip the following...) Strange offer--how could someone ever think of selling account invitations? But what is stranger is there are people who actually buy those invitations. Anyway, I did participate in some bids though. haha.. Come on! The deal is tempting, gmail.com offers absolutely free e-mail accounts with storage space as large as 1GB! (Plus I'm one of those "strange" people.) It is still in beta period but will be publicly launched soon.

Umm. Gonna have a glass of pineapple fruit shake. See ya!

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