Friday, August 19, 2005

Today was a good day.

We pilot trainees finally had to decide which airplane fleet to go for. For us, there were 3 fleets available, namely Boeing 737, Boeing 777, and Airbus 300. Boeing 777 is very hi-tech and, of course, most favorable. Airbus was 2nd most popular. While Boeing 737 is most people's last choice.

I thought I'd go for Airbus 300 at first. But Boat somehow persuaded us to join Boeing 737. His arguments were based on the fact that B737 is the easiest fleet to transfer to another fleet in the future (maybe because of skills required), and that it'd be easier, in order to get through this class, to stick with a small group of close friends (less people, less trouble sort of thing). I agreed.

So I went for B737, and so did all my close friends. And I thought I made the right choice.

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