Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I've been away for a while. Here's an update for the whole week.

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There're lots of things to mention/going on last week. There's TG Pilot meeting at the Rama Gardens on Thursday, one thing in the agenda was to welcome new pilots--me and my classmates--to the company. It wasn't a ceremony or anything, but it made me feel good that at least they recognized us. Best part is the party: it seemed like there's an unlimited supply of everything, from food, drinks, wine, you name it. Not to mention 2 pool tables, great music by Power Jam, a resident bandat Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya, and a few ladyboy shows from Alcazar!

On Friday, our class held another party to celebrate the completion of our 1st part of ground school, and P'Tor, who went to flying school with us at Hua Hin but on his own expense, for he'd been accepted as pilot at TG. There's so much fun but I couldn't stay up too late cause..

My father had a seminar at the Regent Cha-am on the weekend. I thought I'd be a good opportunity to visit my friends in Hua Hin so I volunteered to drive him and spend the weekend there. Unfortunately, almost all of them were in Bangkok because the weather was not good and of course they couldn't fly in bad weather condition. It was raining all day. I had lunch at Nai Hoi's (นายหอย)--the most delicious fish noodle in Hua Hin, and spent the afternoon at Starbucks reading books. At night it's time to visit our best friends at Spin Bar. (Did I mention it was featured in MTV Partyzone last week?) It was so crowded (surprised). This is definitely the place to hang out in Hua Hin. I also helped them serve from time to time. :-)

It took me half a day to get sober and be able to drive back home. :-) Exhausted.


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