Thursday, August 04, 2005

I took a 4-day Basic Emergency (aka EM) course at TG Crew Center, Laksi. This course is mandatory to all flight crew and cabin crew as it's concerned with safety of passengers. It talks about emergency equipments, procedures, and survival. It also includes practices of slide/raft deployment, fire extinguishment, and water training. And since this course is about passenger's safety, everyone has to score more than 90% to pass.

Jon wrote interesting information that you guys as aeroplane passengers could do to save yourselves in emergency situations here--it's called Brace position--bend down as much as possible and hands over you head. It's been studied that sitting in brace position will minimize injuries caused on impact. And next time when the cabin attendants show you emergency demonstration, please take a few minutes off the newspapers and pay attention to it. It might save your life.

More resource on safer air travel here. Note that brace position shown in the link is no longer recommended as it will cause shoulder injuries upon impact, use brace position described in Jon's blog instead.

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