Saturday, July 02, 2005

Last night there was Jesse's birthday party at Phra Nakon, Ratchadumnoen area. It'd been some time since my last visit, and it wasn't that crowded at all. The place is 1-unit commercial building transformed to a bar from ground floor to the roof deck. Each floor has different moods, for example, 1st floor features live local band playing hits, on 2nd and above are chill-out, art gallery, etc.

The most crowded is of course on the roof deck, where this great view of Bangkok and beautiful Phu Kao Thong (Golden Mountain) can be seen. It's open-air, and as you can guess, is one of the best place to chill-out during winter. With smooth jazz and chill-out music, this is a perfect place to hang out. Reservation should be made in advance, however.

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