Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Blow Out

NGC this morning has an interesting episode of Air Crash Investigation, Blow Out. A British Airways plane had its left cockpit windshield blown out while climbing at a very high altitude--I'm not sure how many feet, maybe 25000 feet. Rapid decompression occurred. The captain was sucked out of that window, well half of his body, somehow his legs got stuck with a control wheel. Having thought he'd died, male flight attendants had to hold his legs so the body wouldn't be blown away, which could damage the wing or the engine if he hit it. The 2nd officer was able to control the plane and landed it safely. What surprised everyone, including me, was the captain. After having been out there for more than 10 minutes, in very low oxygen, very low temperature atmosphere, and at aircraft speed more than 200 knots, he miraculously survived!

NGC recently has become one of my favourite channels, apart from the Discovery, History Channel, and Cartoon Network.

Went to Chatuchak weekend market. Lots of people. Got a few nice t-shirts. :-)

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