Saturday, July 09, 2005


Last night Boat held a BBQ party on the 8th floor, on rooftop of his apartment (his family owns it) which is located on Ladprao 113. I was invited, along with a few friends in this pilot class, and also friends from his previous work years as an air steward at TG.

After having got through Bangkok's Friday traffic, which is in my opinion the worst day of the week, luckily it's not near the payday, I finally got there. I was among the first ones to arrive. The place was already prepared so I started to put something on the grill right away. Everything was great. I love the ribs, they were sooo delicious! I was told it's Boat's grandma's recipe--gotta ask for it later. There were also loads of drinks; from beer, wine, to whisky, plus a bottle of Malibu coconut for girls. I had quite a lot. hehe It's been a while since the last time I was drunk.

I wish I could be there all night, but I could only make it till almost 3am because I had to give Luktan and Nat a ride. And my mother just started to worry where I'd been for the whole night. So I left, but my guess is the party went on till dawn..

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