Saturday, March 12, 2005

I went to Nissan Pathumwan yesterday to have my car checked at 15000km and to ask about the shaking problem solution. The staff there was kind enough to call the manager (he's not in for that day) and ask him about my case. He said there is a new piece of replacement rubber to be installed and it'd take a few days, plus Sat-Sun not counted. So I decided to bring it in again on Sunday before I leave for Hua Hin.

While my car being checked, I went to Siam Discovery for Oishi, only to discover that they renovated and upgrade their price to THB650/850 (lunch/dinner)! Though desperately in need of some Japanese food, I couldn't afford it. Went to Fuji and there were too many people in queue. Finally, this Kobe Steak House at Siam just came up in my mind. Went there and luckily there weren't so many people. Ordered a large set of teppenyaki(?). They still make good and inexpensive dishes. Great.

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