Saturday, September 24, 2005

Just got back from Hua Hin. Left BKK on Sep 22nd. On that morning, I watched a breaking news on CNN about JetBlue's A320 making an emergency landing at LAX. (See news story for detail.) The two pilots were really good. They were very calm and handled the situation very well. You might think it's easy, but I'm telling you it's not. Nose gear malfunction means pilots lose main steering control of the aircraft. They've to control direction by using rudder and differential braking on main wheels.

Hua Hin looked the same to me, but in fact it'd changed a lot. There're many new stores opening. Plus under construction was this huge shopping mall with cinemas and bowling. (Thought it's Major's.) This trip we stayed at Plam Pavillion, which is a very nice condominium. (Heard it costs less than 2M.) We'd gone to our school to visit teachers and friends. Glad they're doing good. Our junior AP68 weren't really nice though. It might be because there're too many of them. :(

I had too much alcohol which made me sick during the following day, recovered in the evening, then back to party again at night. The whole process repeated itself a couple of times. :)

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