Thursday, September 01, 2005

Another Commencement

Commencement ceremony of AP66 took place today at CATC Bangkok. This is different from other classes which the ceremonies were held at Hua Hin Airport. My class (AP65) and AP66 are actually close friends because we both applied (and accepted) in 2003. It was split into 2 classes only because of training resource limitation.

I had no class in the morning so I attended the ceremony. It's pretty formal cause transportation minister and many of the ministry's executives were there. (And all those people who suck up their superiors shit.) Every instructor pilots (IP) were there too.

Congratulations AP66!

In the afternoon there was this Route Manual exam which was very difficult and had too many questions to complete in time. :( (What is Route Manual? --I might write about it later if I have time.) Now I can only pray (75% to pass).

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