Monday, May 09, 2005

The past week I drove further to the south and spent a few days in Koh Samui. It's the 3rd largest island in Thailand and it's so big that you can have your vehicle carried to the island. It's only about 500km from Hua Hin which only took about 5 and a half hours. I left Hua Hin on Tuesday morning, stopped at Chumpon for lunch (and got lost a bit). By the time I got to my hotel it's almost 9pm!

Sunset. Taken while in the ferry to Samui at about 6pm.

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Jon actually got here with his university friends a week before. He recommended this Blues pub called Coco Blues, not very far from the hotel. Not wasting the time, I went there right away. They have farang, or foreigner, musicians playing. And they did a great job actually. Good atmosphere although there's no air condition and it's very hot in there. Reasonable price. Not to my surprise, the owner wasn't Thai.

I have to admit traveling alone is a bit lonely. After a while I decided to head back to bed and take some rest.

Chaweng Beach, Samui. Taken from my hotel's restaurant (Chaweng Gardens Beach Resort).

A few days at Samui were spent on laying down at the beach sleeping (mostly), reading, swimming, and of course parties at night. Cost of living here is very high even compared to Hua Hin. A dish of Thai popular "ka-prao-kai" could go up to 85 baht in ordinary restaurant! But apart from that, everything's great. Luktan, P'Boat, P'Bow, and 4 of their friends joined me on Wednesday till Saturday. (They took Bangkok Airways flight from Bangkok.)

I left the island late on Saturday. At first I thought I'd drive straight to Bangkok but due to a lot of alcohol comsumed the night before, I could only make it to Hua Hin. Got home on Sunday. It's like going back to the real world. Some paperworks for license application and graduation party preparation is waiting. Hrr....

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