Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Happy Birthday..

.. to me! One more year just passed by. -_-


  • .. my friends at Hua Hin especially Boat, Jon, Aae, Yoh, Jazz, Luktan, Bow, and Pui for a delicious (a bit salty though) Anna Cafe's blueberry cheese pie. Also, everyone who were at Hilton that night.
  • Luktan for the special gift and being there with me.
  • .. for calling: Or, Song Salueng Gang, and a few more calls I can't recall (sorry).
  • .. for HBD SMS: Nong Yu, P'Kae, P'Nong, Toey, P'Ning, Nong Som, P'Bank, Jack, Anonymous, Jump and Ed.

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