Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bad News

Got back home yesterday at 4pm and brought the car to service center for changing defected part then went to Sam Yan (สามย่าน) to meet P'Ann, P'Kae, and Jack and have dinner (Thai e-sarn style). It's been a long long time since last seeing these guys. Sorry no pictures.

Went to Australian Embassy in the morning to apply for visa. Picked up the car and drove back to Hua Hin. Attended TB-20 class at 2pm. (Busy day)

The bad news is changing the part doesn't help, shaking and small vibration still exists. T_T Will have to wait for response from engineer team in Japan which I don't know when. Should I call and rush them? Maybe next week.

This week I'm not going back to Bangkok. Have to prepare for another flying test.

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