Monday, September 17, 2007

Plane Crash at Phuket Airport

On Sunday at 4pm local time, a 1-2-go plane flight OG269 crashed near the runway at Phuket Int'l Airport. Of a total of 128 passengers and crew, it's reported only about 40 survivors.

I knew one of the crew on that flight. A co-pilot, Montree. He didn't make it.

Montree and I went to flying school in Hua Hin on the same year, but on different classes. Although we're not very close friends, I was still in shock when I first heard that it was him on that flight. Actually we just met 2 weeks ago at Thai Airways. He was accepted as a pilot at Thai Airways and was about to start training there. His life as an airline pilot had just started. So sad.

I mourn for my friend, and all the passengers and crew who have lost their lives in this tragic accident.

Read news: BBC UK: Search for clues after Thai crash.

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Anonymous said...

Sympathy for the crew and passengers
Life in unpredictable, live the best you can