Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Quick Update

It's been a long time since my last entry. This is a recap of what's happened during the past month.

  • Annual physical exam showed lower Cholesterol level (230) than the previous year (260)--good. Garlic Pearl really helps!
  • Got a new mobile phone, a Sony Ericsson. I now have a phone with large screen that plays music and can connect to the Internet--great.
  • My best friend Joe got married. Wedding ceremony was held in Chainat on Nov 10th, and in Bangkok on Nov 11th. I was at both events. I'll post pictures to Flickr soon.
  • Annual work rewards (aka bonus) was finally out. There're so many rumors about how much and when.
  • I turned 27 last week. There's no party cause I was away for work--sad.
  • Got my car tires replaced. They're more than 2 years old and almost 50000km. Expensive: 4000 Baht each.
  • Beer gardens are open around Bangkok. My favorite place is Heineken's at J-Avenue, Thonglor. It's not crowded, not too loud, and plays some jazz in early evening. The live band which played old Thai pop wasn't good though.
  • Early next month I'll go on a road trip to Luang Prabang with friends. We'll drive from Bangkok to Vang Vieng through Udon Thani, Vientiane, and Luang Prabang. See our schedule (in Thai).
That's all. Write later.

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