Tuesday, June 20, 2006

SEIKO Fireworks

SEIKO Fireworks
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I just had a chance to shoot fireworks last Saturday at Sanam Ma Nang Lerng (Nang Lerng Horsetracks). There were actually 4 fireworks events held during the past week in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the king's accession to the throne. I wasn't in town the other 3 nights so the SEIKO Fireworks event was the only one I could join.

The firework were from many award-winning Japanese fireworks artists. The hilight was, in my opinion, the Thai and Arabic "60" which represented the anniversary. (Unfortunately, I missed that set.) They're so large that they'd look beautiful only when looked from a distance. I was lucky enough that my mom's colleague had an apartment in Hua Lum Phong area, which was a perfect place to watch and take photos.

I had never shoot fireworks before so I did some Google-ing just before I left home. It didn't sound hard at all when I read those articles: you just make a long exposure with smaller aperture. But later I realised it's harder than I thought. With real fireworks, you wouldn't know what pattern or the location or how high or how large that shot was gonna be, until it was shot which would be a bit too late. You wouldn't know how many shots there were on each set. etc.

Anyway, the result came out better than I expected. Some pictures were blurry because I didn't use a shutter cord and I just couldn't hold my hand steadily. Check them out at my Flickr album.

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