Saturday, March 25, 2006

Motor Show

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A few days earlier, I got a phone call from Khun Pocky at Nissan Krungthai. He was so kind that he gave me free tickets to Bangkok Int'l Motor Show '06.

On Friday afternoon I had some free time so I visited the event at BITEC. I also thought about bringing my camera to take pictures of the "pretty" presenters at each booth.

I used 2 rolls of slide films I'd bought earlier for my LOMO camera so I wouldn't have to buy new negative films. That idea turned out to be a disaster. I havn't touched this camera for so very long time that I just didn't remember its character and how to use it fluently.

As a result: almost all pictures are under-exposed due to my incorrect flash setting. Some are out-focused or blurred. And since I used slide films it's even more difficult to correct the error. Plus it's more expensive processing slides. (Honestly, I really thought they process color negative and color slide films similar ways these days, due to the so-called "digital" technology in labs.)

Fortunately I could get those 2 rolls of film scanned. The lab was so kind that they took time to pre-adjust the colors for me. I got home with the CD and adjusted/resized them a bit more , and then I finally got the finished result. (Thanks to digital technology!) Follow link above to see the pictures.

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