Monday, June 06, 2005

Cable Skiing

Finally, yesterday I had a chance to go practice the cable ski thing
at Bueng Ta Ko, Bang-na, with Jade, Jack, and P'Keanu. Got there at
noon, after having been lost for a big while. Admission fees are 200
Baht/hour, 300 Baht/2 hours, and 500 Baht/all day. I bought a 2-hour
ticket cause it's my first time and I need to observe those skilled
boarders more.

Cable-skiing, wakeboarding, or kneeboarding, depending on what kind of
board you're on. Rookies go kneeboarding, the kind of board which the
player sits on. It seemed easy at the first place. But I'm telling
you, it's definitely not as easy as it looks, especially when you have
to go through turns. Either you have to be really in control of your
board and yourself (experience), or you have those powerful muscles
tolerable to stress made by the cable in the turn. Out of 5 rounds,
I'd passed to 2nd turn only one, couldn't even pass the 1st turn in
the other 4. It's getting crowded from 4pm, so we left the place.

Jade is waiting for his new wakeboard to arrive, in a day or two. So
next week we're going there again, maybe on Saturday. Jack and I need
more practice on our kneeboards, and of course Jade is gonna work out
on his new board.

In the evening, there was this terrible rainstorm pouring all over Bangkok. However, we were able to manage to get to SOFA, a small coffee shop in Lan Luang area. Had dinner and a little bit of alcohol before going home.

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