Monday, April 11, 2005

I just realized those colorful wristbands are so popular that people wear them just to be in trend rather than what they're really made for. They're so popular that they cause the price to go up real high, not to mention fake or "unofficial" ones.

Yesterday I went to Siam Square and found LIVESTRONG wristbands sold at 200 baht, and Nike's black-and-white wristbands sold at 1200 baht. That's crazy. Lance Armstrong's yellow wristband is only $1 when bought through their website. The black&white is 1.5 pounds bought at Nike's store. (In case you don't know: yellow "LIVESTRONG" bands belong to Lance Armstrong Foundation, an organization to support people with cancer. Nike's b&w "STANDUP-SPEAKUP" bands are meant to show your support to anti racism.)

Come on, people! If you want to make merit, do it the right way. Chances are when you bought those bands from unofficial places, not only they're fake ones but also your money won't be donated to proper organization.

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